Here I share some of the notes I created for my university courses. The majority of these notes are derived from communication and signal processing classes, as they are some of the more insteresting courses to me!

In the first signal processing courses that I took, the explanation of the sampling problem wasn't very thorough. As I progressed into more advanced courses covering topics like DFT, up and downsampling... I became familiar with their properties but struggled to understand their origins and couldn't fully grasp their significance. Driven by my interest in these subjects, I decided to conduct some research to find answers. This document is the outcome of that exploration. Thanks to this effort, I've gained an intuition for DTFT, DFT, and their connection to sampling. The properties that were initially presented as almost axiomatic now make more sense to me.


When I first encountered I/Q signals, I was pretty lost. Again, it wasn't until I delved into the theory that I didn't grasp what was all about. When I knew about the Hilbert transform and analytic signals, all turned clear. So here is the document that I wrote to organize my thoughts and have as reference.