This project marked my initial attempt at creating something practical in Fortran. I developed a small library that enables the reading of samples and metadata from .wav audio files, providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface for audio processing applications. The entire library is written in Modern Fortran and can be compiled into a lightweight library. 

This project encompasses a straightforward yet highly practical program designed to offer a range of options for voltage divisor design within laboratory settings. Written in C, this program proved to be immensely useful for me when tinkering with the next project.

This project represents my first "serious" endeavor into electronics. My original vision was to embark on a series of interconnected projects, each building upon the previous one. However, due to time constraints, I could only complete the dummy load before commencing my university studies. 

Throughout the development of this project, I acquired essential skills in documenting research, albeit not to the highest level of rigor. I also gained valuable insights into managing economic constraints within projects. Furthermore, I discovered numerous aspects of electronic design that are often overlooked when one operates solely within the realm of theory. The Real World™ presented me with challenges such as dealing with heat, considering physical size and component placement within the enclosure, accounting for component variance, handling actual connections and cables, and even grappling with cable management (or lack thereof).

This work may not have deepened extensively into theoretical development, given my limited knowledge at the time (the summer before my freshman year). I nevertheless succeeded in making it functional and delivering a semi-usable product. 

The process was incredibly enjoyable, and the satisfaction of seeing my hard work materialize into a physical creation is a feeling that will forever remain in my memory.


The very first project I undertook was the creation of a translator that converted data from CSV format to IHEX (IntelHEX) format. I embarked on this project with the intention of utilizing it while experimenting with AVR microcontrollers. It proved to be an invaluable learning experience, as I gained knowledge in various areas such as utilizing Make and Git, as well as understanding the process of program installation in a Linux environment. Despite its simplicity, this project played a key role in my development as a programmer.